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Select your pattern from any chart or supply us with a sample texture. In addition, any type of artwork can be utilized to etch logos, lettering, or ornate designs into a mold.

Virtually all prehard steels, traditional tool steels, 400 series stainless steels, cast iron, kirksite, brass, aluminum (cast and forged), and beryllium copper can be textured.

All E.D.M. scale must be removed. While a 320 stone finish is usually adequate, finer starting finishes may be necessary for the fine and/or shallow patterns.

Generally, each .001" depth of texture will require a minimum 1 draft.
Pattern depths can be varied in different areas of the mold.

Improper welding can cause problems. We recommend:

  1. Preheating the mold to 900 F;
  2. Welding while HOT using parent metal as a rod or a slightly lower carbon rod;
  3. Drawing welded area to match parent metal in hardness. Specific temperatures can be obtained from steel suppliers.


Should you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.